Stay healthy this summer

We stock a wide range of hayfever remedies, including Beconase, Piriton, Claritin and Opticrom.



What we do

We understand that patients want quick access to their outpatient prescriptions in a safe and confidential environment. Our dedicated, on-site pharmacy ensures a high level of accuracy, timely dispensing, advice and information for patients.

The Hospital Pharmacy provides services to patients, hospital staff and visitors, similar to that of a high street pharmacy. Unfortunately we are unable to process GP prescriptions (FP10s) – but we do sell a wide range of over the counter medicines, toiletries, cosmetics, gifts and other useful items.

Improving our service

Our expert staff are always on hand to provide advice on all of your medicines, and our consultation room allows us to discuss any queries you may have in private. 

We use the latest technology to help make us as efficient as possible. Our state of the art robot dispenser allows us to serve our customers without having to leave the counter too often. It is efficient and accurate, and also increases our stock holding capability.